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Jo posaria la imatge del Cens d'Entitat del Foment de la Llengua Catalana al peu de pàgina, al mateix nivell que softcatalà i altres enllaços. Com ho veieu? Potser ara se li dona massa protagonisme, no? Kippelboy

D'acord, quan pugui ho faig.--Arnaugir (discussió) 18:15, 9 jul 2013 (CEST)

Main page and registration[modifica el codi]

Hi. Sorry for writing in bad English. First of all update main page's list of projects please. Wikivoyage and Wikidata seems to be missed. The second - could you please create an account for me with username Base and email address base-w@yandex.ru i can provide a confirmation that i own this username somewhere in wmf's wikis. Unfortunately I'm completely bad at catalan, catalonian provinces' capitals and seems that it consider my 4-characters usual wiki username as too short( Thank you in advance. -- (Base) 12:28, 29 ago 2013 (CEST)